3 cups white glutinous rice (sticky rice)
   3 cups coconut milk
   5 large eggs
   1 cup sugar
   1/3 cup plain flour - sifted
   1/2 tsp green pandan essence/extract
   Generous pinch of salt


1. Rinse and soak glutinous rice for 15 - 20 mins, drain.

2. While rice is soaking, lightly oil the inside of a metal baking container and line the base with baking paper.

3. Using a rice cooker, place the glutinous rice with 1 cup of coconut milk, a generous pinch of salt and enough water to recommnended level, [approx .5cm (1/4") over the level of rice mixture] stir well to mix and cook. Microwave rice cooker OK.

4. If rice cooker is unavailable, steam the rice mixture in the prepared metal baking container until cooked, compress and roughen surface as in Step 7.

5. While rice is cooking, break eggs into a mixing bowl, add sugar, sifted flour and a pinch of salt, whisk until well blended and sugar dissolved.

6. Add coconut milk and green pandan extract and whisk well to combine, set aside.

7. Place the cooked glutinous rice into container, compress evenly, then roughen the surface slightly with a fork.

8. Prepare steamer.

9. Strain the egg & coconut milk custard mixture over the top of the rice and steam for about 50 - 60 mins or until the custard is set and the colour changed from milky green to a brighter green.

[I don't have a steamer so I use a wok and the inverted steamer base of my rice cooker to help with the balance with just enough boiling water to reach half-way up the metal container, and steam using low heat. I covered the wok with the lid at a slight angle to prevent condensation dripping into the custard mixture and wiped down the inside of the wok lid every 5 - 10 mins.]

10. Remove from steamer, and carefully run a sharp knife around the edge of the "kuih" all the way to the base, to prevent it sticking to container.

11. When completely cooled, remove the "kuih" from container by inverting it onto a baking paper-lined cutting board (or onto the palm of a moistened hand) and re-invert it onto a flat platter, green side up. (The baking paper should remain in the container, otherwise, either peel it off the base of the "kuih" or leave it and remove as you cut.)

12. Cut into diamond shaped pieces (or as desired) and serve at room temperature.






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