Picture Gallery for: Washington State USA - 2002

001 Seattle, here we come

002 Mt Rainier from the plane

003 Eatonville- deer outside Angel's home

004 View from Angel's yard
005 Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

006 NWT landmark

007 NWT real moose

008 NWT bear
009 NWT bison

010 Eatonville

011 Buying berries

012 Spanaway- Cruisin' Saturday at Kelley's Kafe
013 Cruisers at Kelley's Kafe

014 Spanaway

015 Mt Rainier from Spanaway

016 Mt Rainier at sunset
017 Ocean Shores intersection

018 OS- yummy clam chowder was had here

019 OS- shopping plaza

020 OS- Eye Candy Gallery
021 OS- tide is out

022 OS- kite flying at the beach

023 OS- sea birds

024 OS- beach find
025 Seattle- view of Public Market (Pike Market) from carpark

026 Seattle- Seahawks Stadium from upper level of Pike Market

027 Seattle- view from Pike Market upper floor

028 Seattle- Bremeton Ferry in Elliott Bay
029 Seattle- para-sailing over Elliott Bay

030 Seattle- Public Market Center

031 Pike Place Market

032 View outside Pike Market
033 Pike Market seafood selection

034 Pike Market crabs

035 Pike Market monk fish

036 Pike Market- flowers stall
037 View of one carpark from Bremerton Ferry

038 Top section (partial view) of Bremerton Ferry

039 Seattle skyline from ferry

040 The Space Needle
041 Seattle- view from the ferry

042 Another view from ferry

043 Seattle skyline further away

044 Seattle skylinein the distance
045 View from Bremerton Ferry

046 Mt Rainier- view from ferry

047 Private collection 1

048 Private collection 2
049 Seattle- Rainforest Cafe 1

050 Rainforest Cafe 2

051 Pet chameleon

052 Close up of chameleon
053 Off to the ball game

054 Mariners at Safeco Field

055 Mariners vs Indians

056 The Tacoma Narrows historical sign
057 Friends' home in Puget Sound

058 View from friends' home at Puget Sound

059 View of Narrows Bridge and Puget Sound

060 Partial view of Tacoma Narrows Bridge
061 Toutle River Rest Area on the way to Mt St Helens

062 Hoffstadt Creek Bridge info

063 Hoffstadt Creek Bridge

064 Charles W. Bingham Forest Learning Visitor Center Mt St Helens
065 River of ash view from Forest L C

066 Gang of elks returning to Mt St Helens

067 The Tree Planter sculpture at Forest L.C

068 Golden mantel ground squirrel on side of Route 504
069 Mt St Helens- Coldwater Ridge Visitor Center

070 MSH- Coldwater Lake info map

071 MSH- Coldwater Lake 1

072 MSH- Coldwater Lake 2
073 MSH- Coldwater Lake 3

074 MSH- sharing lunch with friendly squirrel at CWR cafe

075 CWR- visitor info board

076 MSH- Real life view of Coldwater Lake as per 075
077 MSH- Johnston Ridge Observatory

078 MSH- JRO info

079 Mt St Helens from JRO

080 Honey Bucket on Route 504
081 On the road to Portland, OR

082 Oregon welcome sign

083 Farewell from Oregon

084 Re-entering Washington State
085 Ohop Lake, Pierce County

086 Cruising Ohop Lake

087 Trout caught at Ohop Lake

088 'Thank you' satay party for Angel et al
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