Picture Gallery for: STOCKINBINGAL NSW Roadtrip

Cootamundra - Sir Don Bradman Birthplace

Cootamundra - Sir Don Bradman Memorabilia Cottage

Ettamogah Pub - Albury

Ettamogah Pub - Bar and Restaurant (Griffiths)
Ettamogah Pub - Bullocky wagons

Ettamogah Pub - Cockatoo cage

Ettamogah Pub - Cop Shop 1

Ettamogah Pub - Cop Shop 2
Ettamogah Pub - Free Beer Tomorrow sign

Ettamogah Pub - Garage

Ettamogah Pub - Ladies toilet

Ettamogah Pub - Men's toilet
Ettamogah Pub - Road signpost

Ettamogah Pub - Visitor 'theme' park

Ettamogah Pub - Writing on left side of Pub

Ettamogah Pub - Writing on right side of Pub with a truck on the roof
Glenrowan - A tourist road sign

Glenrowan - Big Ned Kelly with Mt Glenrowan in background

Glenrowan - Big Ned Kelly

Glenrowan - Kate's Cottage
Glenrowan - Ned Kelly's Last Stand (Kelly Land) Computerised Theatre

Glenrowan - Post Office and Newsagency

Gundagai - Dog on the Tuckerbox

Holbrook - HMAS Otway with Submariner's Memorial in the background
Holbrook - HMAS Otway

Stockinbingal - 'Baron of Bingal'

Stockinbingal - a signpost

Stockinbingal - Ewe and lamb
Stockinbingal - Gogobilly - shed

Stockinbingal - Gogobilly - sundial face

Stockinbingal - Gogobilly Hill bbq area

Stockinbingal - Gogobilly rustic outdoor setting
Stockinbingal - heading for Gogobilly Hill

Stockinbingal - Lace Monitor (Tree Goanna) [Varanus varius]

Stockinbingal - Lace Monitor at base of tree

Stockinbingal - Lace Monitor
Stockinbingal - on Gogobilly Hill (farm visible in left clearing)

Stockinbingal - on Gogobilly Hill - view of farm

Stockinbingal - Telstra station on Gogobilly Hill

Strathbogie - a Tree Grass along walking track
Temora Aviation Museum - (l-r) Ryan, Tiger Moth, Meteor and Boomerang

Temora Aviation Museum - Canberra illuminated photo

Temora Aviation Museum - Canberra on tarmac

Temora Aviation Museum - Cessna 01 and Cessna 02
Temora Aviation Museum - Diorama of Temora Airfield circa 1944

Temora Aviation Museum - Information plaque

Temora Aviation Museum - Maintenance Hangar

Temora Aviation Museum - Martin Baker Ejection Seat
Temora Aviation Museum - Meteor with Tiger Moth at the back

Temora Aviation Museum - Spitfire, Vampire, Meteor and Canberra illuminated photo

Temora Aviation Museum

The Rock - NSW
Wagga Wagga - Council Chambers

Wagga Wagga - Courthouse and Romano's on Fitzmaurice Street

Wagga Wagga - RAAF Museum - Meteor

Wagga Wagga - RAAF Museum - Mirage
Wagga Wagga - RAAF Museum - Sabre

Wagga Wagga - RAAF Museum - Winjeel

Wagga Wagga - RAAF Museum entrance

Wagga Wagga - RAAF Museum
Wagga Wagga - War Memorial - For God, King and Country

Wagga Wagga - War Memorial Entrance

Wagga Wagga - War Memorial Eternal Flame

Wagga Wagga - War Memorial Park Fountain
Wagga Wagga 01- Murrumbidgee River

Wagga Wagga 01a - Murrumbidgee River view from walking track

Wagga Wagga 02 - Wagga Beach Sign

Wagga Wagga 03 - Wagga Beach
Wagga Wagga 04 - Astor Motor Inn carpark (our rental Camry in foreground)

Wagga Wagga 05 - Archway to Chinese Pavilion (Botanic Gardens)

Wagga Wagga 05a - Gazebo in Chinese Pavilion (Botanic Gardens)

Wagga Wagga 05b - Oriental design on gazebo ceiling (Botanic Gardens)
Wagga Wagga 05c - Circular archway in Chinese Pavilion (Botanic Gardens)

Wagga Wagga 05d - Azaleas in Chinese Pavilion (Botanic Gardens)

Wagga Wagga 05e - Botanic Gardens - Vibrant azaleas in Chinese Pavilion

Wagga Wagga Zoo - A couple of goats
Wagga Wagga Zoo - A lonely goat

Wagga Wagga Zoo - Birds in the aviary

Wagga Wagga Zoo - Curious Emu

Wagga Wagga Zoo - Golden Pheasant
Wagga Wagga Zoo - Peacock resting

Wagga Wagga Zoo - Small parrots and little birds

Wagga Wagga Zoo - strutting peacock

Wagga Wagga Zoo - Superb Parrot eating a segment of my mandarin
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