Picture Gallery for: Road Trip 2002 - Melbourne to Halls Creek

001 Melbourne - supplies for trip

002 All packed ready to go

003 South Australia outback map

004 SA- Coober Pedy opal mining town
005 Coober Pedy opal diggings

006 Opal shaft digging in progress

007 Coober Pedy mining township

008 Coober Pedy petrified wood
009 Northern Territory- Kulgera pub sign

010 NT- Oodnadatta Track map

011 NT- Mintabie Opal mine sign

012 NT- Kulgera pub
013 NT- Kulgera tourist attraction 1

014 NT- Close up of tourist

015 NT- Tanami Transport road train

016 NT Wild melons growing on roadside 1
017 NT- Paddy melon

018 Not edible, very bitter

019 NT- Alice Springs mall

020 NT - Jacaranda tree outside church in Alice Springs mall
021 NT - Alice Springs tourist sign

022 NT- Alice Spings pub

023 NT- Alice Springs Telegraph Hill

024 NT- Outside Alice Springs Toyota
025 NT- Simpsons Gap info board

026 Simpsons Gap no swimming sign

027 Simpsons Gap, 25 km west of Alice Springs

028 Simpsons Gap water hole
029 Simpsons Gap, ridge of quartzite rock

030 NT- Ellery Creek Big Hole

031 No fishing at Ellery Creek

032 NT- Ochre Pits 1
033 NT- Ochre Pits 2

034 NT- Don't remove ochre

035 NT- Ormiston Gorge, 132 km west of Alice Springs

036 Ormiston Gorge 2
037 Ormiston Gorge swimming hole

038 Ormiston Gorge tourist

039 Ormiston Gorge - pity no fishing allowed

040 NT- Glen Helen Gorge
041 NT- On the Tanami Road, about 1500 km long - complete with termite mounds on both sides

042 NT- Off Tanami Road camping for the night

043 An hour later

044 And another hour later
045 NT- On the red dirt road again

046 NT- Thirsty birdies at Renahans Bore

047 Tanami Rd distance sign

048 NT- Rabbit Flat pit stop on Tanami Road
049 Sorry, closed today Tueday

050 WA- NT-Western Australia border

051 WA- Different state - similar red dirt road

052 WA- Entering Halls Creek shire
053 WA- Blow-out on the Tanami Road

054 Siesta on the Tanami... NOT!

055 WA- Wolfe Creek - formation info

056 WA- Wolfe Creek tourist
057 WA- Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater

058 WA- Wolfe Creek - looking down at carpark

059 WA - In the Bungle Bungle

060 WA- Bungle Bungle wildfire aftermath
061 WA- Desolate Bungle Bungle

062 Crocodile Hunter in the Bungle Bungle creek

063 Bungle Bungle creek tested safe for vehicle

064 Bungle Bungle - another flamin' creek
065 Go for it

066 We made it

067 One of numerous termite mounds in the Bungle Bungle

068 Boab tree by the main roadside
069 Termite mound

070 Side by side by the roadside

071 WA- Halls Creek China Wall

072 WA- Halls Creek China Wall tourist
073 WA- China doll by China Wall

074 WA- Halls Creek China Wall continues on

075 WA- Kununurra Ivanhoe Caravan Resort

076 Our cabin for the night at Caravan Resort
077 WA- Mama and baby boab trees

078 WA- View from look-out over Kununurra township

079 WA- Kununurra Argyle Diamond Jewellery store

080 WA- Lake Argyle 1
081 WA- Lake Argyle 2

082 NT- Bushfire just outside Katherine

083 NT- Good deed for the day

084 NT- Bushfire on the road to Tennant Creek
085 NT- Devils Marbles 104km south of Tennant Creek

086 NT- Devils Marbles, aboriginal mythological 'Eggs of the Rainbow Serpent'

087 NT- Devils Marbles, a collection of precariously balanced gigantic granite boulders

088 NT- Devils Marbles
089 South Australia - Glendambo Motel

090 SA- Lake Hart -salt lake

091 SA- Yet more red dirt track

092 SA- Port Augusta Spencer's Gulf salt pan
093 SA- Unusual rocky ridge

094 SA- Dust storm outside Port Augusta
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