Picture Gallery for: Road Trip 2000 - Melbourne to Ayers Rock

001 South Australia- Crystal Brook canola field

002 SA- Flat-topped tableland just north Pt Augusta

003 SA- Island Lagoon (salt lake)

004 South Australia- Northern Territory border
005 NT- Erldunda - classic windmill

006 NT- Mt Conner, 700 million-yr-old sand & rock mesa (table-topped mountain), east of Ayers Rock

007 NT- Curtin Springs Roadhouse, 90km east of Ayers Rock - shower facilities

008 NT- Curtin Springs - toilet facilties
009 NT- Ayers Rock, worlds largest monolith 450 km south west of Alice Springs

010 NT- Ayers Rock - Aboriginal name - Uluru - start of climbing area

011 NT- Ayers Rock - first section of climb

012 NT- Ayers Rock climb to Chicken Rock
013 NT- Ayers Rock - Chicken Rock section

014 NT- Ayers Rock carpark - view from first section of climb

015 NT- Ayers Rock at sunset

016 NT- The Olgas, a collection of rounded rocks rising from the spinifex covered plains.
017 NT- Section of The Olgas, approximately 50 kms west of Ayers Rock

018 NT- The Olgas - aboriginal name Kata Tjuta, meaning 'many heads'

019 NT- Olga Gorge

020 NT- The Olgas - close-up of rock face in left side rock in pic 019
021 NT- Info on formation of Kings Canyon

022 NT- Kings Canyon, western end of George Gill Range, 310 km by road from Alice Springs

023 NT- Kings Canyon - special 'dry toilet'

024 NT- Ernest Giles Rd - 99 kms of red dirt
025 NT- Alice Springs Mecca Date Farm info board

026 NT- Standley Chasm info sign

027 NT- Standley Chasm, Western Macdonnell Ranges

028 NT- Standley Chasm
029 NT- Standley Chasm wading pool

030 NT- Standley Chasm - toilet

031 Northern Territory- South Australia border

032 South Australia- The Breakaways, 15 km north of Coober Pedy
033 SA- The Breakaways, once an ancient seabed

034 SA- The Breakaways, setting for film Beyond Thunderdome 1

035 SA- Road sign approaching Coober Pedy

036 SA- Coober Pedy opal mining township
037 SA- Coober Pedy downtown

038 SA- Coober Pedy town centre

039 SA- Andamooka opal mining town

040 SA- Andamooka Bottle House
041 SA- Andamooka Bottle House landmark

042 SA- Andamooka - outside an opal miner's property

043 SA- 4WD track to Lake Torrens

044 SA- Lake Torrens, salt lake
045 SA- Close up of salt crystals on Lake Torrens

046 SA- Woomera Village layout

047 SA- Woomera- old aircraft exhibition 1

048 SA- Woomera - aircraft exhibition 2
049 SA- Woomera exhibit DeHavilland Meteor

050 SA- Woomera another exhibit

051 SA- Woomera long sharp missile exhibit

052 SA- Woomera - exhibit Canberra Bomber
053 SA- Woomera - more exhibits

054 SA- Woomera - exhibit Jindivik

055 SA- Glendambo population sign

056 SA- Glendambo Motel
057 SA- Road trains at Glendambo Roadhouse

058 SA- Road train at sunset - Glendambo Roadhouse

059 SA- BP road train

060 SA- Strathalbyn canola field
061 SA- Wellington (cable) Ferry - established in the early 1840s

062 SA- Wellington Ferry - free, 24 hour vehicle ferry crossing the Murray River
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