Picture Gallery for: Phosphate Mine - Wellington, NEW SOUTH WALES

01 Mine map

02 Mine entrance

03 Heading for the Phosphate Chamber

04 Specimen showing Phosphate in rock (white layer) beneath two layers of calcite and phosphate crystals
05 Old mine adit

06 'Grand Canyon'

07 'Grand Canyon'

08 Base of 'Grand Canyon'
09 Mining equipment of the past

10 Phosphate in rock (white layer) under layer of Calcite crystals

11 Tree roots growing into the mine

12 Fossil remains of a wallaby
13 Calcite and Phosphate crystals

14 A Skip (hand-pulled cart)

15 Grandson in skip for size comparison

16 Bone breccia (coarse-grained sedimentary rock with embedded bone fragments)
17 Fossil tooth in Bone Cave

18 Thylocoleo cast (marsupial 'lion')

19 Diprotodon cast (largest marsupial that ever lived) in Bone Cave

20 Bone breccia (coarse-grained sedimentary rock with bone fragments embedded)
21 Calcite and Phosphate crystals

22 Start of Fossil trail

23 Coral animals fossils

24 A nautiloid, a shelled form related to squid and octopus
25 Cone shell fossil

26 Band of tabulate coral 'Favocites' now extinct.jpg

27 Coral animals fossils

28 Fragments and cross sections of crinoid stalks, marine animals that attach to the bottom by a stalk.jpg
29 Coral fossil

30 Coral fossil

31 Coral animals fossils

32 Coral fossil
33 Coral animals fossils
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