Picture Gallery for: CAMBODIA - Kep - Sep 2010

001 Lunch at Kimly - Kep

002 Kimly Restaurant

003 Fishing in the Gulf of Thailand

004 Checking crabs
005 Coke Light served in wine glass

006 Yummy Kampot Green Pepper Crab

007 On the count of 3

008 Veranda Natural Resort
009 Veranda carpark

010 Our suite - C1 The Residence at The Veranda

011 Dining table on our balcony

012 Balcony
013 Bed on balcony

014 The suite

015 Lounge area and kitchenette

016 View from our balcony
017 Afternoon view from our balcony

018 Sunset from balcony

019 Entry to restaurant, bar and pool at the Veranda

020 Police notice
021 Walkway to amenities

022 Mud crabs to choose for dinner

023 Veranda Bar and Restaurant

024 Veranda Restaurant
025 Swimming Pool

026 Swimming Pool

027 Buffet breakfast at Veranda

028 Soph@t our tuk-tuk driver
029 Statue of Hindu deity Lord Vishnu

030 Olympic torch carrier statue

031 Scarecrow at front of house means a resident is ill, (believed to ward off evil spirits)

032 Giant sand crab sculpture
033 Giant sand crab sculpture

034 Rest huts with hammocks for resting near the Giant Crab

035 More rest huts with hammocks at Kep beach

036 More rest huts
037 King Norodom Sihanouk's holiday villa post-Khmer Rouge

038 King Norodom Sihanouk's holiday villa post-Khmer Rouge

039 Kep Provincial Hall

040 Kep Provincial Hall
041 Kep Provincial Hall

042 Cambodian legend - Mountain people are descendants of Garuda, a divine bird

043 Naga monument (sea serpent)

044 Cambodian legend - River people are descendants of Naga, a 7-headed sea serpent
045 Soph@t our tuk-tuk driver and guide

046 Abandoned villa with an immaculate fence

047 One of many squatters' shacks

048 Setting sun over the Gulf of Siam
049 Sunset - Gulf of Siam

050 Statue of Sdach Korn (King Korn)

051 Statue of Sdach Korn (King Korn)

052 Statue of Sdach Korn (King Korn)
053 Statue of a naked siren modestly draped (Khuon Bounna 20-8-92)

054 Statue of a naked siren modestly draped

055 Statue of a naked siren modestly draped

056 Heading for Kep City Port for boat-ride to Rabbit Is
057 Customs Office of Kep City Port

058 Pier for boat ride to Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island)

059 On the boat to Rabbit Is

060 Setting off
061 On the boat to Rabbit Is

062 Mainland - view from boat

063 Heading for Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island) once a penal colony

064 Almost there
065 Yeay Meng Restaurant, Rabbit Is

066 Preparing young coconut for us

067 Thirsty no more

068 Resting after a swim
069 Toilet behind restaurant

070 Vegetarian dog eating coconut

071 Aisyah feeding vegetarian dogs

072 Time to head back to the mainland
073 Chilling by the poolside at Veranda

074 My dinner of small Kampot Green Pepper Crab at Kimly

075 Full bellies, empty plates

076 Soph@t's home
077 On Kep to Kampot Highway 33 - one of many fenced vacant properties

078 Another fenced property - this one with a makeshift gate

079 Beauty salon in the new market complex yet to be completed

080 Unfinished new market complex
081 White Horse Monument - Okrasa Village, Kep

082 White Horse Monument - Okrasa Village, Kep

083 Super long fence of Preah (His Excellency) Norodom Ranariddh High School

084 Waiting for more passengers for this motor-remorque
085 Motor-remorque full of passengers

086 House under construction

087 Post Police Administrative Trapaing Sangke Commune

088 Cham fishing village, Trapaing Sangke
089 Rhino statue landmark

090 Bridge over creek - Highway 33

091 Hut on stilts

092 Mosquito farm
093 Shop selling statues - elephants, spirit houses, etc

094 Village market

095 Village market

096 Barber shack
097 Roadside restaurant

098 Outdoor furniture and spirit houses store

099 Outdoor furniture and spirit houses store

100 Back in Kampot
101 Buffalo cart sculpture - Kampot
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