Picture Gallery for: CAMBODIA - Kampot - Sep 2010

001 Japanese river dam project on National Highway 3

002 Khmer house along National HIghway 3

003 Elephant Mountain (Chuor Phnom Damrei) view from National Highway 3

004A Salt Workers roundabout - Kampot
005 Uncompleted durian sculpture on National Highway 3 into Kampot

006 Kampot town centre

007 Borey Bokor II Hotel at Durian roundabout

008 Buddhist monks at the 2000 monument
008B Tiny Kampot Pillows shop near 2000 monument

008C Inside Tiny Pillows

009 Kampot Information Office

010 Rikitikitavi Guesthouse
011 Bar at Rikitikitavi

012 Restaurant - upstairs in Rikitikitavi

013 Street sweepers at 'The Front'

014 Tuk-tuk at 'The Front'
015 Corn vendor

016 Ice cream vendor at 'The Front'

017 Keyman tour boat alongside Customs boat

018 Old bridge from esplanade in front of Rikitiki
019 Deej's & Gen's rented bungalow overlooking Teuk Chhou River (Kampot River)

020 Deej checking out abandoned mansion on the way to old railway bridge

021 New Kampot Presbyterian Church next to the old church near old railway bridge

022 Old railway bridge
023 Cham Khmer fishing boats heading down Kampot River for night fishing

024 Cham Khmer fishing boats view from old railway bridge

025 Cham Khmer family visiting during Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr - view from Utopia Guest House Restaurant

026 Ta Eou Restaurant (on stilts)
027 Buying groceries from Heng Dy

028 Over the new bridge to the market

029 On the way to Kampot Market

030 Kampot Market
031 Possibly new guesthouse under construction

032 Bicycle rickshaw (cyclo)

033 Transporting ice

034 Kampot market scene
035 How to load a van

036 Jewellery section in the market

037 Food stalls

038 Butcher
039 Buying sapodilla

040 Dried cuttlefish and dried shrimps

041 Dried preserved radish

042 Dried seaweed
043 Pickled prawns

044 Shrimp paste

045 Kamport green pepper

046 Sundries section
047 Seafood section

048 Seafood section

049 Sea snails

050 Brooms, baskets, etc
051 Mobile phone shop

052 'Officeworks' Kampot Market

053 Charcoal and firewood store

054 Rice shop
055 Local 'Bunnings' building supplies

056 Furniture making shop

057 Pig on a spit restaurant

058 Fruit juice vendor
059 Roadside food stall

060 Old disused market

061 Old disused market

062 Old power sub-station
063 Barber

064 Bocce game in progress

065 Di Pok Mohasamaki Lower Secondary School

066 A standing reminder of the Khmer Rouge regime
067 Spirit house to provide shelter for spirits which could cause problems for the people if not appeased

068 Old hospital next to the new

069 New Kampot Referral Hospital (to be opened)

070 New hospital (right) and old hospital (left) view from Kampot River
071 Wundberbar in the evening

072 Newly planted rice paddy

073 Ploughing

074 Cleared minefield sign near path to Phnom Chhnork Cave
075 Path to Phnom Chhnork Cave

076 Keep on walking

077 Cavortiing monkeys near cave

078 Near steps to Phnom Chhnork Cave
079 Deity near the steps

080 Heading for the 103 steps

081 Naga (serpent) sculptured banister

082 Up to the cave
083 View from the steps

084 Looking down Phnom Chhnork Cave

085 View from steps

086 Phnom Chhnork Elephant Cave
087 Elephant rock

088 Looking down at shrine

089 Tortoise rock

090 Crocodile tail rock
091 Shrine inside Phnom Chhnork cave - (pre-Angkorian, about 1500 years old, according to guide)

092 Inside of shrine

093 Inside Phnom Chhnork cave

094 Looking up cave ceiling
095 Up and out of cave

096 Roadside mini-mart

097 Farm house

098 Farm house
099 Farm house

100 Roadside stall

101 Railway track to nowhere to the right

102 Railway track to nowhere to the left
103 Mosque in Toeuk Chhu District, Kampot Province

104 Construction of another guesthouse in progress

104B Salt Workers roundabout 700x499

105 Taxi stand to Phnom Penh, Kampot
106 Bart the Boatman river cruise

107 Alaska Super Club was once a nightclub

108 Old bridge in background

109 Kampot skyline view from Bart's boat
110 Storm brewing over Bokor Mountain

111 Deej's & Gen's place view from Bart's boat

112 Attap hut by the river

113 Bodhi Villa Guesthouse and Restaurant - view from Bart's boat
114 An opulent riverside abode

115 Suicide tree, Pong-pong, Othalanga (Cerbera odollam)

116 Swimming stop

117 Old boats
118 Nipa palm (Attap palm) lined channel

119 Entering a narrow channel

120 In Bart's long narrow boat

121 Nipa palm nut cluster
122 Edible nipa palm seed

123 Mangrove jingle clam (Enigmonia aenigmatica)

124 Reflection

125 Pyramid shaped hill
126 Reflection

127 Bart the boatman

128 Tranquility

129 Reflection
130 Khmer Lady Massage parlour

131 Bokor Mountain Lodge

132 Wat Traeuy Kaoh (Wat Dtray Koh) (Temple & School) on Fish Isle

133 Wat Traeuy Kaoh on Fish Isle
134 Wat Traeuy Kaoh on Fish Isle

135 Cham fishing village across the river from Wat Traeuy Kaoh

136 Wat Traeuy Kaoh on Fish Isle

137 Inside Wat Traeuy Kaoh
138 Evening drum beating ritual at Wat Traeuy Kaoh on Fish Isle

139 Library at Wat Traeuy Kaoh

140 Pepper & fruit plantation at the foot of Phnom Voar (Voar Mountain) - Kampong Trach District

141 Pepper plantation - Kampong Trach District
142 Green pepper berries

143 Young sapodilla fruit

144 Bringing wood home

145 Car park at Wat Kirisan
146 Tourist guide station

147 Kampong Trach cave area

148 Wat Kirisan, Kiriseila Pagoda donation appeal

149 Moat Neak (Mouth of Dragon) - entrance to pagoda
150 Preah Put Tuew Tuk Keriya (Siddharta as an ascetic) - mouth of the Dragon Cave

151 Kampong Trach cave

152 Reclining Buddha shrine in Kampong Trach cave

153 Reclining Buddha - Kompong Trach District
154 Open area near Reclining Buddha

155 Open area near Reclining Buddha

156 Pool reflection

157 Heading back into cave
158 Images of Buddha destroyed during the Pol Pot regime

159 Boulder stalagmite formation

160 Impressive stalactite formation

161 Exiting the cave
162 School and Orphanage - Kampot

163 Turn-off to Prek Thnout CBE (Community Based Ecotourism)

164 Prek Thnout CBE ticket booth

165 Prek Thnout CBE car park
166 67 Prek Thnout CBE entrance

167 Prek Thnout CBE food courtyard

168 Prek Thnout CBE walking track

169 Prek Thnout CBE one of several picnic huts
170 Prek Thnout CBE rubbish bin

171 Prek Thnout CBE plank walkway

172 Prek Thnout CBE steps to steam

173 Prek Thnout CBE
174 Prek Thnout CBE swimming area

175 Prek Thnout CBE stream

176 Prek Thnout CBE

177 Prek Thnout CBE small waterfall
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