Picture Gallery for: Blanche Cave - Naracoorte, SOUTH AUSTRALIA

01 Blanche Cave Info

02 Cave entrance

03 Cave entrance through large roof collapse 'window'

04 View of cave from top of stairs
05 Cave entrance from inside cave

06 Stalagmite formations with sunlight coming in from second roof collapse 'window' (front view)

07 Stalagmite formations (back view)

08 Huge column with sunlight streaming in from second roof 'window'
09 Another huge column nearby

10 Huge column - sunlit side

11 Two columns side by side

12 Another of many huge columns
13 Two huge columns side by side

14 Thin column nearby

15 A pair of huge columns

16 Thin column
17 Conjoined twin columns

18 More huge columns

19 Huge stalactite

20 Sunlight coming in through from second roof collapse 'window'
21 Entrance to second roof collapse window

22 Second roof collapse 'window' from inside cave

23 Close-up of section showing four holes in roof of 'window'

24 View of cave chamber from second 'window' entrance
25 Mummified marsupial on chamber floor

26 Assorted speleothems

27 Assorted speleothems

28 Assorted speleothems
29 Assorted speleothems

30 Assorted speleothems

31 The 'Elephant'

32 Assorted speleothems
33 A dead bat in an aven in cave ceiling

34 Stalagmites and a column

35 Stalagmites

36 Column formation
37 Hole in cave wall

38 Walking trail through cave

39 Unusual white limestone formation

40 Sunlight streaming in from third roof collapse 'wiindow'
41 Remains of a turtle and an unidentified small marsupial
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